Take your Marketing to the Next Level with our Scaling Approach

Your brand is unique, and so is your marketing. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each brand. Where are you in the development of your marketing program? With our customized approach, we find the best place to begin so we can take your campaigns to the next level.

The Customer Maturity Roadmap

One-off A/B testing

Build better foundations for more effective messaging. A/B testing doesn’t need to be a trade-off, we can help you learn the optimal strategy that includes both A and B.

  • Get dramatically better lift than standard A/B tests
  • Gain deeper insights about your customers
  • Reduce operational burdens with our real-time analysis

Connected A/B testing

A/B tests don't need to start from scratch. We help to link what you learn by building a library of learning across all A/B tests. With metadata tagging, each A/B test will deepen understanding so our machine learning can learn what works best.

Dynamic 1-to-1 Content Matching

With the help of predictive intelligence, you no longer need to treat customers as segments A, B, C, and D. Now we can match customer data to predefined content according to each individual customer.

Dynamic 1-to-1 Content Assembly

Don't worry about composing your messages ahead of time. Create a menu of content components and our machine learning will dynamically assemble the right message in real time for each impression, giving all of your messaging more contextual relevance.