Predictive Email

Tailor each email to each individual automatically to dramatically increase engagement.

Predictive email is a real-time portal inside an email that adapts to each open by automatically assembling the best-fit message aided by cloud-based machine learning.


  • Automated A/B testing and personalization powered by machine learning
  • Optimized images or image matrixes at the moment of open
  • Optimized preheaders, HTML blocks, or subject lines at the moment of send
  • Nuanced pattern recognition for opens, clicks, and conversions
  • Easy implementation with just a snippet of code


  • Dramatic lift in clicks and conversions (Wylei average 40%)
  • Deeper insights into what content drives action
  • Reduced operational burden associated with optimizing email content
Predictive Email

Case Study

Boosting Email Clicks for Marriott Rewards 

The Client Challenge: Leading point-based rewards program needed a method to deliver earn content, burn content, and learn content to the right people at the right time to boost email engagement.

The Wylei Solution: Implemented a Predictive Content portal that autonomously tested each content option, discovered the best content for different members and devices, and swapped in best-odds content in real time for each view.

Results:    37% Lift in Clicks