Wylei Featured in Only Influencers Post

As marketing experts look towards the industry’s future, many are pointing to machine learning as the tool to get us there. Here at Wylei, we’re proud to be leading the way with machine learning solutions to optimize marketing strategies, and lately, top marketing influencers are taking notice.

In a recent Only Influencers article, Wylei was mentioned among a handful of companies that are using machine learning to change the game for marketers. Here’s what marketing expert Kath Pay says about Wylei and machine learning:
“Personalization is a hypothesis until you test it. Machine learning applies these tests automatically and continually. Instead of testing, getting a result and moving on, your material is constantly being refined and improved as more data comes in.
You can see that principle at work on (Wylei’s) cloud-based relevance engine and Adaptive Content portal which they use to test and recognize patterns in email behavior and to test and continually adapt email content dynamically for best results after identifying what works best for different categories of users.”
Read Pay’s full article here.