A One-of-a-Kind Video Experience, Literally

There are two major digital marketing trends that are getting a lot of attention these days: personalization powered by machine learning, and video. With personalization, the capability to automatically tailor a marketing message to each unique individual is a profoundly powerful tool that can have a big impact on sales. For video, more and more advertisers are turning to the medium as a sure way to get engagement from users, while social media platforms continue to find new ways to accommodate video ads.

Both are effective tools for engaging your audience, but imagine the outcome if you could bring the two together. With Wylei’s Predictive Video™ you can. Our end-to-end personalized videos, powered by real-time machine learning, automatically tailor video elements to each individual in real time.

Marriott Rewards recently used our Predictive Video™ tool to engage their rewards members, and the results were impressive.

The Challenge

Marriott Rewards wanted to delight their members with a unique twist on their first annual activity summary email campaign. Marriott’s vision was to build a completely individual, personalized video experience for each member, but between concept, production, and delivery, they weren’t sure where to begin. The solution needed to scale not only to millions of recipients, but to thousands of simultaneous views. The sheer number of Marriott Rewards members made generating and hosting a different video for each person a significant challenge. To further complicate things, the creative experience needed to be deeply consistent with Marriott’s overall brand concept and tone, so a pre-canned solution simply wouldn’t cut it.

“After nailing down a concept, Wylei and team hit the ground running. Not only did we take the whole campaign from concept to delivery in less than two months, we were also in constant contact which allowed for a highly collaborative environment and seamless process.” -Clark Cummings, Senior Manager of Email Marketing at Marriott

The Solution

Marriott turned to Wylei to help build a truly engaging experience for their members. Wylei met with key Marriott stakeholders at the outset to understand their aspirations and priorities for the project and rapidly synthesized the feedback into a concrete, wire-framed action plan. As Wylei’s creative team developed the video, they met extensively with Marriott to gather feedback on its direction and develop new iterations. Wylei used proprietary technology to layer personalized data inside the video, producing a completely individualized and real-time experience for each Rewards member. Marriott simply provided several key data points about each rewards member.

The Results

The resulting 45-second video took each user on a fast-paced ride around the globe, through an animated landscape with personalized billboards that popped up along the way. The billboards featured the member’s name along with key facts about their activity over the past year such as total number of stays, the different cities they visited, and the total points they earned. The end of the video also enabled Marriott to tell their own story over the past year, highlighting their growth in properties and Marriott Rewards program benefits, ultimately congratulating and thanking each member for their loyalty.

Over 3 million Marriott Rewards members were invited to view their dynamically personalized year-in-review video, and the results were impressive. Compared to Marriott’s previous year-end video, Wylei’s personalized video boosted audience engagement by more than 71 percent, with an impressive 28 percent re-watch rate. Most importantly, the personalized video boosted sales in a big way, with an 86 percent lift in revenue. “The results of the video campaign were awesome; we’re receiving a ton of positive feedback from our members which is exactly the point of this kind of campaign,” Cummings said. “We can’t thank Wylei enough for making our vision come to life. The entire team worked tirelessly to get this video pulled together and proved their worth tenfold. This is just the start to our partnership with Wylei.”

In the fast-paced digital marketing landscape, you need innovative ways to get the attention of your customers. With Wylei’s Predictive Video™, you can bring together the best marketing strategies to create a wholly unique experience to engage your audience.