We are Wylei.

Wylei is a leading innovator in the cloud-based machine learning and marketing automation space, powered by minds from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and CMU. We are the pioneer of Predictive Content, digital content that automatically assembles in real time to fit the context, behavior, and preferences of each individual.

Our rapidly growing team of experts know digital marketing, and we love to help marketers get the most out of their campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wylei do?
Wylei is a pioneer in AI (artificial intelligence) cloud-based machine learning and marketing automation. Their technology enables the creation and delivery of real-time, personalized content to engage 40 percent more buyers per marketing campaign, efficiently eliminating the need for A/B testing. Working with high profile consumer and technology brands, the patented Wylei Predictive Content™ platform automatically delivers real-time digital content that is assembled and displayed based on context, user behavior and preferences. Working across channels including email, video, Facebook and the web, the Wylei technology is utilized by leading brands, marketers and digital agencies such as Epsilon, Marriott, Adidas, Dell, Fairy Tales Hair Care, and others.
What products and services does Wylei offer?
Wylei Optimization Cloud™ is an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering which enables marketing teams to easily and quickly build their own AI powered predictive campaigns for email, video and display ads. Wylei also offers their patented Predictive Content platform as a service to customers who want to work directly with Wylei to execute campaigns. Services include: predictive email, video and web content.

Predictive Content™ Platform Automatically delivers real-time digital content that assembles and displays based on context, user behavior and preferences. Technology is cloud-based artificial intelligence used for marketing automation and includes:
  • Predictive Email
  • Predictive Video
  • Predictive Web Content
  • Predictive Advertising
  • Predictive Mobile Content
How does Optimization Cloud work?
The Optimization Cloud aids marketers in building AI powered Predictive campaigns for email, video, and web display ads. Utilizing a pool of assets (videos, graphics, photos, headlines, text, calls to action) the technology creates millions of variations optimized and personalized based on the consumer’s preferences.
What is machine learning?
Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in which computers have the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.
Does Wylei offer their product as a service?
Yes. Wylei offers their Predictive Content Platform as a service to customers who want to work directly with Wylei to execute campaigns. Services include: predictive email, predictive video, predictive web content, one-off A/B testing, connected A/B testing, dynamic 1-to-1 content marketing and dynamic 1-to-1 content assembly.
What is the conversion rate for marketing campaigns that use Wylei’s products?
Conversion rates vary from 35-200 percent depending upon the campaign and the conversion metrics determined by the customer. Conversion metrics can include website clicks, duration of viewing ad or video, sales or other metrics.
How is the conversion rate determined?
During a service engagement, Wylei works with each customer to determine an appropriate conversion metric for their campaign(s).
How do Wylei’s product use Artificial Intelligence?
Wylei’s technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically assemble the right content in real time for marketing campaigns. Predictive Content uses cloud-based machine learning – a type of artificial intelligence – to discover subtle patterns in digital engagement and automatically assemble personalized content based on the consumer’s preferences to dramatically boost engagement and sales.
Does Wylei’s technology replace A/B testing?
Yes. Wylei’s technology replaces the traditional A/B testing for marketing campaigns. Wylei’s technology applies real-time machine learning to marketing campaigns delivering personalized content that is optimized and personalized based on the consumer’s preferences.
Does Wylei’s Optimization Cloud require extensive training to utilize it internally?
No. Marketers need only create a campaign, upload the assets (headlines, photos, videos, text, calls to action) and grab an embedded code. Wylei’s platform handles the testing, learning and refining to achieve astonishing results in real-time.
Are Wylei’s products patented?
Wylei Optimization Cloud is built upon technology that was awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,553,834 for an electronic messaging system involving adaptive content. Essam Abadir filed the patent application on July 31, 2014 (14/448/234).
When was Wylei founded?
The company was founded in 2013.
Is Wylei a private or public company?
Wylei is a private company.
Who are Wylei's competitors?
Wylei sits at the intersection of various categories including real-time email content, A/B Testing, segmented optimization and artificial intelligence powered customer journey offerings. Wylei offering features these components and is the only company offering real-time predictive video. Competitors include Adobe Marketing Cloud and Target Solution, Salesforce Einstein, Oracle Maxymiser and AdTheorent, among others.
Who are Wylei's customers?
Marriott, Dell, Epsilon, Fairy Tales Hair Care and Adidas, among other companies in the technology, retail, travel and the hospitality business.
What markets are Wylei targeting for their technology?
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Financial services
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals
Who are Wylei's partners?
The company's partners include: Facebook, Experian, SalesForce, Instagram, and Epsilon.
How did the company get its name?
The company's founder named the company as an acronym. Wylei stands for “When You Least Expect It”.