Breathing New Life into Marketing Emails

Email marketing is still considered by many to be the most effective way to reach customers and drive sales, but traditional marketing emails come with a lot of limitations that can keep a campaign from reaching its fullest potential. Wylei’s Adaptive Content™ technology helps companies overcome those limitations and stand out from the noise by creating dynamic emails that adapt to the audience in real time.

At La Quinta Inn and Suites, they used Wylei’s Adaptive Content™ to breathe new life into their holiday promotions, which resulted in a staggering return on cost.

The Challenge

La Quinta wanted to promote their special Labor Day weekend offer in an innovative and attention-grabbing way. They used promotional emails in the past for holiday sales, but were craving something new and fresh for their subscribers. They wanted to deliver the offer in a way that grabbed the attention of their members and drove them to immediate action. And ultimately they needed to drive true incremental bookings for La Quinta, rather than simply hand out a discount to free redeemers (customers who were going to book a reservation anyway but were waiting for a good deal).

The Solution

La Quinta turned to Wylei to help build an engaging experience for their email subscribers. Wylei’s solution was to implement an Adaptive Content™ portal in the email in the form of an animated countdown timer that would tick down the hours, minutes, and seconds left in the Labor Day sale. No matter when the subscriber opened the email, the timer showed the exact amount of time remaining in the sale. With the seconds waning away in the animation it created a sense of urgency and excitement. If the email was opened after the sale had ended, the content in the email would automatically pivot to the next best offer, maximizing the revenue-generating opportunity for after-sale opens. Finally, in order to measure the true incremental impact of the email campaign, the countdown timer’s performance was measured on a test vs. control basis. This way, free redeemers were represented equally in both groups, negating their effect on the results of the campaign.

La Quinta provided the base creative design for the email, and Wylei inserted the HTML code that contained all of the necessary adaptive content technology. Once the email was developed, two emails were sent out. The first email, sent on the Friday before Labor Day, announced the start of the promotion. The second email, sent on Labor Day Monday, showed the same timer to serve as a “last chance reminder” that the sale would be ending that night.

The Results

The countdown timer drove a significant increase in bookings. Test versus control conditions indicated a 2,600% return on cost; La Quinta captured $26 in revenue for every $1 spent on the adaptive content technology. In addition, to La Quinta’s surprise, over 17% of the views of the email actually occurred after the Labor Day sale had ended. As a result, automatically pivoting to the next best offer helped La Quinta capture 20% more bookings that would normally have been lost to a message of “this promotion has ended.”

“Wylei’s technology took no time at all to implement and proved to be invaluable. After seeing these results, we can’t imagine deploying another promotional campaign without Wylei’s technology,”

– Amy Bartle, Director of Media and Digital Marketing at La Quinta.

Email is an easy way to reach consumers, but most marketers aren’t using email to its fullest potential. Wylei’s Adaptive Content™ solutions create an easy way to turn a typically static and lifeless marketing medium into a dynamic and engaging message that drives more sales.