Did you dress up in your marketing superhero costume today?

We’d like to see that, too. ; )

Just back from DMA2014 in San Diego with his superpowers fully recharged, John is busy swooping in to save the day for brands and email service providers with his laser-powered vision focused on testing and improving messaging based on historical and real-time data and genuine, empathetic listening (using his ultrasonic super hearing).

John was a featured superhero in Marketo’s Real Marketer Stories Vol. 2 where they focus on solving tough problems marketers face every day. Marketo found the superheroes of marketing—not just the “experts”, but actual, in-the-trenches marketers, and asked, “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?”

Rapid Learning Lozzi shared:

“The best customer experiences recognize and leverage the context of brand engagement and take into account a customer’s specific situation, environment, preferences, etc.

Good, effective messaging is crafted based on historical and real-time data, and a genuine, empathetic perspective. But ultimately, the only way to know for sure if a message resonates with your customers is to continuously test and improve.

If you’re not listening to what your customers’ clicks tell you, you’re being left in the dust.”

Click for more about how John and his fellow superheroes share their powers to rescue the marketing world from messages plagued by a villainous lack of data analysis, testing and relevant context.

Now go put your marketing superhero costume on before the candy runs out!