Introducing Predictive Ads

All of us here at Wylei are excited to introduce our newest product: Predictive Ads. Predictive Ads takes the same real-time intelligence engine that powers millions of our customers’ email, website, and video impressions and makes it available for digital advertisers to elevate their campaigns. Predictive Ads allow marketers to pre-target customers by serving ads that build themselves in real time. The ads are both self-learning and fully tailored to each real-time impression. By combining personalized digital content and machine learning, Predictive Ads are designed to increase marketers’ reach within the highly competitive digital advertising space.

Predictive Ads automate many of the manual and time-intensive aspects of an advertising campaign. The key lies in the machine learning technology, which continuously evaluates numerous variables to decide what the most effective ad content is for each customer at any moment in time. Elements such as personalized video and real-time data are then rendered in an instant, the viewer’s reaction is measured, and the algorithm continues to learn and adapt for the next impression.

The goal of Predictive Ads is to make A/B testing a thing of the past for marketers. Looking at one variable’s performance at one point in time just doesn’t tell the whole story. Not to mention that the best marketers are looking to test many variables at once. Using machine learning to optimize ad performance solves both of these issues by automating the process and results in much less work for the marketer.

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