Keeping Ahead of the Trends Drives Growth at Wylei

It’s the new year. Love it or hate it, it’s a time when journalists and media experts compile list after list of top tens for the year past and the year to come.

When it comes to the ever-changing field of digital marketing, it seems most of the experts and bloggers agree on the top trends to expect for 2016: mobile-first, data-centered, personalized one-to-one digital marketing is the wave of the future.

Advertisements tailored to individual consumers and optimized over time based on consumer data will grow in popularity for their effectiveness, experts say. Top ten and top five lists from Forbes, Gartner, and marketing blogs are hailing the personalized approach as the best way to stand out from the competition.

But in the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing, if you’re only just keeping up with the trends of today, you’re already behind. Fortunately, at Wylei, we’re several steps ahead.

Wylei has been far ahead of the curve on one-to-one marketing, and we’re going well beyond simple personalization. With what we’re calling predictive content, we’re utilizing machine learning algorithms to predict the best time and the best approach to reach consumers, with digital content that automatically adapts to individuals in real-time. The result is a sophisticated one-to-one digital marketing approach that will be sure to be in the top ten trend lists in the future.

In fact, it’s already turning heads. The industry leaders in E-commerce and digital marketing know a good thing when they see it, which is why some of the most recognized brands in the world are working with Wylei to stay ahead of the game. And that’s why Wylei has shown record-breaking growth in 2015.

In the second half of 2015, Wylei has increased their volume of marketing emails month to month at an astonishing average of 84 percent—that means they’ve been nearly doubling every single month. They also grew their client base of leading national brands by over 150 percent, resulting in an average monthly growth in revenue of an equally impressive 62 percent. Those new clients include Adidas Group, Unilever, and Charter Communications, to name a few.

Adidas is one of the leading companies in online retail. Last year they grew their global web sales by 68.8 percent to $466.3 million, which makes them an authority in the digital marketing space. Their new partnership with us confirms that Wylei’s predictive machine learning approach to personalized digital marketing is truly the cutting edge.

As we’re already ahead of the anticipated trends of 2016, we’re looking forward to continued growth that will be sure to turn more heads.