Loyalty & Rewards Emails

Every Retention Marketing Manager aspires to keep their customers engaged with their brand. And unlike your friends across the aisle in Acquistion, you have the luxury of having more data about your target group. You know purchase history, demographics, website activity, and plenty of other historical data.


  • Are you doing anything with customer profile data to improve your digital marketing?
  • Are you harvesting this data for subtle patterns that may reveal how and when they like to receive communication from you?
  • Are you device aware about how they get your messages?
  • Have you leveraged their location to tailor content?
  • Have you automated the process of recognizing your rewards members and tailoring content for them, reflecting their premier or inactive status?


Wylei uses our Automated Relevancy Engine to ensure we take full advantage of all of your profile data as well as in-campaign performance data to see what content performs best with whom.


Could you have predicted that a hero image featuring beach scenery would perform better than a cozy lodge with male customers in the South who open the email during rainy weather compared to those with more rewards points who open at night on their iPhone? Of course not. But with Wylei's Automated Relevancy Engine, we detected the pattern, optimized the campaign, and got our client a 37% lift.

So What?

Statistics indicate that 74% of E-commerce shoppers are less likely to want to do business with vendors that present irrelevant content. OUCH! Better not make that mistake. These are your best customers and they expect you to recognize them when you communicate with them. Making more relevant content decisions helps you build engagement and trust from your customers. With Wylei's Automated Relevancy Engine, you can rest assured your customers are receiving the content that’s right for them.

Next Step:

If you want to pursue a discussion with a member of the Wylei team to review how we can deliver measurable lift to your loyalty mailers, please use button below. Thanks for considering Wylei. We look forward to speaking to you soon.