Predictive Content at the Heart of Personalized Marketing

When the third wave of digital transformation hit the marketing landscape, the boardroom conversations between CIOs and marketers stirred toward delivering personalized content to customers. Though personalization was adopted for increasing customer engagement, customer loyalty, and brand relevancy, a recent study commissioned by PwC revealed that only 38 percent of firms achieved their goals and are optimized to deliver realtime offers and campaigns across all touchpoints. To add to the amazement, nearly 87 percent of the firms provide personalized experiences primarily through e mail, with social media, mobile, and video marketing segments largely unperturbed.

Wylei’s one-to-one marketing tools aid the shift from a generic ad creation approach to the novel digital asset creation.

Fixing these major shortcomings in digital marketing by adopting predictive technology over adaptive, is the New Jersey-based company Wylei. Wylei’s one-to-one marketing tools aid the shift from a generic ad creation approach to the novel digital asset creation. Powered by machine learning and cloud technology, Wylei’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine uses predictive algorithms to optimize content in real time and across all channels. The patented predictive engine’s ability to go beyond simple segmentation and utilize pattern matching eliminates the need for A/B testing and enables continuous learning and automation. Due to its capacity to provide hyper-optimization, hyper-segmentation, and personalization at scale, Wylei is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies like Adidas, Dell, Marriott, and Time.

The company provides Predictive Content-incorporated in e-mails, videos, and web content-by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) PaaS offering. Wylei is not only able to decrease time-to-market and operational costs but is also able to provide its customers with a high performing infrastructure and negligible latency. With AWS, the firm can scale up dynamically supporting massive usage increases. Apart from delivering on the promise of personalization at scale through its SaaS offering, Wylei also provides managed services.

Being the prominent predictive video solution provider in the market, Wylei catered to the upgradation needs of a well-known hair care brand-Fairy Tales Hair Care. Modifying the existing campaign video and running the pilot video on Wylei’s platform and then on Facebook, Fairy Tales achieved a 35 percent lift in customer engagement and a 20 percent increase in year-over-year sell. In another customer success story, Wylei helped Marriott, the leading global hospitality company, in delivering tailored, real-time assembly video for its 3.4 million members. The firm received an 86 percent increase in revenue lift and a 30 percent re-watch rate.

Founded in 2013, the company is now headed by Meg Columbia-Walsh, one of the most eminent authorities in the digital marketing industry. Her specialty of taking new technology to large marketing clients and building a company to scale was extensively utilized for taking Wylei out of the incubation period. The company’s foundation is now set up in a traditional way, with systematic documentation, the hiring of seasoned leaders, and a diverse work culture being the reasons for its higher level of productivity. Meg asserts, “Wylei is ready to run, serve, and scale in the market and we know how to do that successfully.”

Reacting to the marketers’ needs, the company is relentlessly developing in the predictive intelligence – AI space. Its expansion plans include serving the mid-central Chicago region as well as the West Coast region. Presently, the company is working toward providing a complete reporting data analytics structure for its clients. Moreover, it is working towards strategically partnering with platform integrators and providing SaaS-Facebook and SaaS Salesforce integration. Educating and serving the market, the venture-backed firm’s continual efforts towards enhancement yielded them the New Jersey Economic Development Grant. At the forefront of the AI-coupled marketing arena, Wylei delivers phenomenal engagement and increased ROI, in a cost-effective way.

Predictive Content at the Heart of Personalized Marketing (PDF)
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