New AI Predictive Social Video and Predictive Display Ad solutions from FMP Wylei, Inc.

Wylei, an AI patented Predictive Cloud Technology and Dynamic Content Assembly engine combined with the power of the Facebook and Instagram Ads platform creates an unmatched optimized dynamically assembled Predictive Social Video or Predictive Social Display ads with proven radioactive lift and conversion.

As a pioneer in AI cloud-based machine learning and marketing automation, Wylei leverages SaaS self-serve AI technology to drive true personalization at scale while effectively eliminating time consuming A/B testing with Wylei's cutting edge fully automated AI testing solution.

Wylei helps advertisers embrace Agile Test & Learn to achieve a 1.5x to 2x view through rate with uplifts in conversions as high as 150%+.

What We Do & How We Do It

Moving beyond ad creation to asset creation and dynamic assembly; Wylei's AI platform deconstructs the ad elements into assets such as: headlines, CTA's, offer types, imagery, backgrounds, foregrounds, thumbnails, and text overlays.

Wylei's Predictive AI engine then autonomously assembles all elements, creating millions of creative ad variants to quickly find the ones that perform; and automatically dropping the ones that don't: giving client's social campaigns incredible conversion, engagement and lift.

Wylei's self-serve SaaS platform adds the next dimension to Facebook's "Dynamic Creative Optimization" solution, adding a robust & advanced predictive AI framework. The benefit of adding Wylei's Predictive AI engine is that the platform will explore ALL possible creative variations and use data to determine the best optimized ad variant vs predict and guess what will work.

Asset Creation

Asset Creation

Radioactive Results

Achieving extraordinary lifts that generates exponential conversion is possible with Wylei's Predictive AI Technology.Take a look at the average lifts we generate for our clients: