Predictive Video

Predictive Video uses cloud-based machine learning to discover and display—in real time—the most effective content for each viewer.


  • Automated A/B testing and personalization powered by machine learning
  • Dynamic assembly of optimized content based on real-time data for up-to-the-instant relevance at moment of view
  • Nuanced pattern recognition for views, clicks, and conversions
  • Easy implementation

The Result

  • Dramatic lift in engagement, re-watch rates, and sales (Wylei average 50%+)
  • Deeper insights into what content drives action
  • Reduced operational burden associated with optimizing video content

Case Study

Year-end Personalized Thank You Video for Marriott Rewards Members

The Client Challenge: The member rewards program for the leading global hospitality company wanted to delight their members with a personalized, entertaining twist to their annual activity summary, but they needed a solution that would scale to millions of recipients and simultaneous views.

The Wylei Solution: We worked with stakeholders to storyboard and create a year-end review video that automatically personalized content at the moment the viewer pressed play. On New Year’s Eve we delivered the video via email to 3.4 million members, each video dynamically personalized for each individual.

Results:    86% Revenue Lift    71% Engagement Lift    30% Rewatch Rate

Marriott Predictive Video Case Study Image