Triggered Emails


How do you to take advantage of your triggered emails and their high open rates without creating a ton of work?

The beauty of triggered emails is that they're "set and forget." But if you neglect your best performing emails, you miss a major opportunity to capitalize on subscriber engagement by inserting relevant content, without adding to your workload.


Wylei's WebSync and Predictive Content

Wylei makes it easy for you to insert fresh content from your website into your transactional emails, and to make it happen automatically. Using Wylei's WebSync technology, we pull content directly from any outside source, including your website, social feeds, and blogs. Wylei dynamically inserts the very latest content and images into your transactional emails with no latency.


You send a welcome email to your client or a points balance summary email to your loyalty rewards member: imagine if that email pulled in the latest deal from your website, included your most recent Tweets, and had coupon or discount information that highlights your current promotions.

With Wylei's WebSync technology, we make sure that the content you show is the most recent content available and that your choice of curated content goes into these emails, automatically.

Predictive Content

As with all of our emails, Wylei uses our Automated Relevancy Engine and our pattern recognition algorithms to listen to your campaigns and learn what content is performing best with each individual subscriber. We use this real-time decisioning capability to identify what content should go into your transactional emails to drive the best response rates.

So What?

Wylei's WebSync technology ensures your best performing emails with high open rates will also get your customers to see whatever timely content you select. BOOM. You just made your transactional emails fresh and timely without sacrificing any automation.

Next Step:

If you want to pursue a discussion with a member of the Wylei team to review how we can deliver measurable lift to your triggered emails, please use the button below so that we can contact you to arrange an introductory call. Thanks for considering Wylei. We look forward to speaking with you soon.