In-Email Video

We all know video is hot. Your customers are consuming it by the hour, across multiple screens and multiple platforms, and seem to keep asking for more. But have you thought about email, your most intimate and hard-working channel, as a medium for your red hot video content? If you have, you've probably tried it and realized it's really hard. Wylei's Smart Rendering Technology knows what type of video to show to get the best user experience across all sizes and shapes of inboxes.


  • Will my audience's email clients support full embedded video?
  • How do I show an alternate animation, image, or link if their email client doesn't support full video?
  • What if they read my email on a mobile device versus a tablet or laptop?


Wylei powers billions of Smart Content images and videos per year and we have developed expertise in optimizing end-user experience for emails that contain the latest kinetic elements such as sliders, live twitter feeds, and video.

Wylei's Enhanced Video Preview

To address the large number of email clients that don't support full embedded video, Wylei renders an Enhanced Video Preview video that plays in their client and simulates a regular video clip. This effective workaround has a number of advantages when compared to animated GIFs: Wylei renders a richer experience with more frames per second and a full color palette—all with a smaller file size than animated GIFs, which restrict you to 256 colors.

Wylei's Enhanced Video Preview

Wylei's Smart Rendering Technology ensures that each view gets the best user experience possible, across all email clients, so you can leverage the full power of advanced clients without leaving some of your subscribers behind. If the user's email client does not support live video, Wylei will render our Enhanced Video Preview. If the email is viewed in webmail or Outlook, Wylei will render a rich animated GIF or a static image, respectively, that links to a custom video landing page.

So What?

By using video in email you give your customers a high-impact message that breaks through the clutter of all traditional emails. With Wylei's Smart Delivery, we ensure that your email shows your video in the best format with the best possible experience to increase your engagement and to deliver more conversions.

Don't be afraid to put video into your emails but do make sure that you understand your target audience, how they will open your email and what formats you need to support to get the best response.

Video + Wylei's Predictive Content

As with any digital marketing that we support, Wylei uses our Automated Relevancy Engine and our pattern recognition algorithms to learn what content is performing best with whom. We use this real-time data to select which video snippets and CTAs drive the most views and to predict which content will generate the best response rates. Using Predictive Content™ averages a 27% lift versus control for our clients.

Next Step:

If you want to discuss how to include video in your emails and utilize Predictive Content™ we encourage you to take a free consultation with our email experts who can share best practices on how to construct your video emails.