Wylei Joins Leaders in a Rapidly Expanding Marketing Technology Landscape

Scott Brinker’s now-legendary marketing technology landscape supergraphic now features an incredible number of martech companies with a record 1,876 vendors represented across 43 categories. Ours is one of the fastest growing industry ecosystems resulting from the explosion of machine learning, data analytics, mobile and cloud technologies powering products like Wylei’s Adaptive ContentTM solutions. Wylei is honored that Scott listed us in his Testing and Optimization category. Being part of this exponentially expanding ecosystem has been a fantastic journey for the team at Wylei.

Our peers and competitors that share space in this supergraphic help to raise the bar and expand awareness of data-powered, automated marketing solutions for all marketers. The proliferation of marketing technologies has helped marketers to adopt and benefit from the lightning-quick developments in automated marketing.

In Scott’s article, “Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2015),” he notes that marketing technology innovations in this landscape are designed to help marketers conquer that revolution. Though for many, it is an intimidating vision of the future. Some companies and technologies will continue to develop as technological advances progress; some companies will partner or merge. It’s exciting to see so many brilliant data scientists, mathematicians, designers, makers and developers all working to make storytelling and selling more personalized, simple and meaningful for us as consumers.

MARTECH, the Marketing Tech Conference (that Scott Brinker chairs) will feature many of these amazing featured companies starting on March 31, 2015. Our team is proud to join some amazing marketing technologists on this year’s supergraphic!