Wylei Unveils the Wylei Optimization Cloud

Jersey City, NJ: Wylei Inc., an AI Predictive Content technology and marketing automation platform, today announced the release of the Wylei Optimization Cloud™, an enterprise SaaS platform powered by machine learning, replacing A/B testing with AI (artificial intelligence) testing. Leveraging the recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,553,834, the Wylei offering features dynamic content assembly, so marketing teams can now easily and quickly build and release highly optimized AI-powered predictive campaigns for email, video, Facebook and display ads.

Wylei is serving up millions of real-time personalized micro-segmented ad, email, and video creative that converts customers 50% more than traditional ads.

Wylei has the AI Predictive Video™ solution that assembles ads, email and social media assets that intelligently personalize and optimize them in real time. Video engagement is averaging more than 50 percent compared to traditional ads.

“Our customers have experienced the power of the Wylei AI Predictive Cloud coupled with our patented Dynamic Content Assembly cloud accelerating how optimized content is being served,” explained Mark Stutzman, chief product officer, Wylei. “By segmenting users in real-time and matching these consumers with intelligent optimized offers, we help our clients increase engagement with their customers, for significant conversion lift results.”

“Wylei is disrupting the marketing landscape. Our AI Predictive Cloud gives brands the power to connect and convert users with millions of dynamically personalized content pieces. AB testing is dead,” said Meg Columbia-Walsh, CEO, Wylei.

Through machine learning, Wylei Optimization Cloud assembles email creatives and calls to action from a pool of assets in real time. Ultimately, thousands and even millions of potential variations are assembled within minutes and then optimized for each user – resulting in a massive lift in conversion rates anywhere from 35%-200%, achieving actual personalization at scale.

Marketers already gather consumer data to use in promotional campaigns, yet implementing audience segmentation generally, takes a team of data scientists weeks or months and is often stale by the time it’s used in campaigns.

The Wylei Optimization Cloud puts the power of Wylei’s AI directly into the hands of the marketer because it doesn’t require technical or data science resources. Using Wylei, the marketer simply creates a campaign, uploads the assets and embeds the code. With deep, continuous machine learning, the Wylei predictive technology handles the testing and refining to meet users with dynamic and meaningful content results.

Until now, the Wylei patented Dynamic Content Assembly and Predictive Cloud was only available to clients working directly with Wylei to execute campaigns. However, with this SaaS release, any enterprise marketing team or agency, can build optimized campaigns in minutes. The Wylei team educates and manages the work for clients, preparing the entire enterprise to effectively leverage the self-serve SaaS platform.

Marketers can leverage and integrate the use of predictive AI technology to drive true personalization efficiently and at scale. Wylei offers the ability to hyper-optimize at the micro-segment level using performance, patterns and predictions for instant changes and adaptations during online marketing campaigns.

Wylei Unveils the Wylei Optimization Cloud (PDF)