You’d Be Surprised Why Customers Leave and Why They Stay

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Author Mark Johnson, CEO & CMO of Loyalty360, shares insights on Epsilon’s “In the News” with Andy Frawley, President of Epsilon, who recently published his book entitled, Igniting Customer Connections: Fire Up Your Company’s Growth By Multiplying Customer Experience & Engagement.

Wylei Research and Epsilon partnered on a study that delves into the fundamental reasons why consumers choose a new brand over their long-standing favorite, and why some customers are loyalists who regularly “show the love.”

“Loyalists in both the United States and Canada are most loyal to companies in the financial services, grocery and insurance industries. In the financial services and insurance industries, this trend can be explained by the lack of competitors and services available to choose from, as well as the burden of cancelation fees and hassle of switching providers. In the grocery sector, there are many clear advantages of remaining loyal to the same supermarket, such as distance for their home, familiarity with store layout and loyalty rewards programs.”

To learn more about the surprising results from the Wylei Research study, visit ANDY IN THE NEWS.